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Do we need to use doggy poo bags EVERY time?


Being good AND green is not always easy!




As a nation we love dogs, for me they are simply a must in my life, a companion, friend, someone who unquestionably loves you and is there at a single call but, they create a lot of poo! 


Are plastic single use bags, normally scented with the worst possible fragrance, the right answer?


They are I feel accepted in society, use a single use water bottle and I am likely to rant at you but I would more likely get upset if you left your dogs previous dinner for me or someones child to find clinging to their boot after a lovely walk!


The answer, as with most things, may be compromise. There are times where poo bags simply work, they are a benefit to society and responsibly disposed of, we have all seen them lying around full of ****, they answer a real need. 


But, do we need to use them every time? 


I don’t think so, for me I walk my dog in lots of different places, I try to keep along my local river banks and she enjoys this immensely. So when I am wandering on a wooded area and the path is surrounded by natural growth I try not to use the bag, instead I am a serial ‘flicker’





Here is my strategy, I love to find some young sapling with a couple of shoots coming away, these are bendy and strong unlike a branch that has lain around for a year and is very brittle and snaps as soon as you try to put weight through it. So, thin and strong sticks of approximately 24 inches long are the flickers best friend, Bend or break them to make a 6 inch super strong flicking devise, then, when the puppy has done its business just give them a good old flick, sometimes I can reach the river!! Mostly though the offenders simply are shot into the undergrowth to be slowly and responsibly put back into the earth.


Now, there are possibly reasons why you cannot do this, the location may require a poo bag, that is okay as you are thinking on your feet, your acting responsibly, you are being a sympathetic human who understands there are issues with plastic and you have adapted your ways to best reduce the use of plastics by positive change.


This must be the future, we cannot stop using all plastics as much as we would love this to happen, it has to be a gradual thought process, once your in it won’t take long before your adapting your new ‘anti plastic’ life to so much more. Take clingfilm, I regularly used to cover a plate in the microwave for heating! Why! Now I simply use a second flat plate to cover the items being heated, this really is simple stuff, not difficult but oh boy is it important.


Join me, become a person who actively tries not to use single use plastic, you will feel better than you did I promise you.


Want to go further, if you still use single use water bottles there are real alternatives which will save you money daily. See FOSH at for a new look at stylish, durable insulated metal water bottles.




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