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Covid 19 creates a surge for plastic - and mostly it is the single use type!

All around the world there is a need to stay healthy, particularly with protective equipment that include face masks, visors, gloves, plastic food coverings and so much more, the industry is in boom times.


We know the importance of the safety of our people, the issue here is one of necessity however we are simply not recycling anywhere near enough plastic to make this impossible surge be anything else than catastrophic for our environment. 


The Truth about plastic.


Mostly all these bits of plastic begins as fossil fuels, look at the reduced oil price and it is no coincidence the plastic costs have fallen making them ever more irrisistable to the plastic barons. So it is cheaper than ever to manufacture, we are simply not recycling it fast enough, recent studies suggest under 10%, one in ten pieces are recycled, that will simply be an unsustainable number as we keep growing into this pandemic. 


The truth is it is difficult to recycle, possibly twice as much cost to the manufacturers to use recycled material than ‘virgin’ so they need a bit of a reason to go there, put simply they are not moving anywhere near fast enough and certainly seeing the costs of new materials falling the argument is being lost.


Plastic is a major factor in climate change also, the USA burns nearly six times more plastic than it recycles according to recent research carried out in 2019, 


So what can we do?


Like all insurmountable issues we need to start at a level we can both understand and, maybe more importantly, do something about.


The manufacture of 4 plastic water bottles releases the same greenhouse gases as driving a standard family car one mile! 


If we start by NOT BUYING BOTTLED WATER this will stop the production of millions of single use plastic water bottles. To us at FOSH we simply cannot see why anyone who realised what the future held would continue to practice this overpriced, ecologically dangerous habit?


The image below is just one single use plastic botttle in the early stages of its millions of years in the ocean. This wiull eventually degrade down into smaller and smaller pieces ending up, many millions of years from now, as micro plastic particles, they will be equally solid BUT digestible by all life, and eaten they will be, by US ALL!


These are very simplistic starter pack solutions to a much more intrinsic issue but, and it really is true, if we all started to use our consumer power we can start sending messages to the plastic giants, we don’t want your products in our towns!


If you need more persuasion FOSH have launched the most exciting range of triple insulated stainless steel high fashion water bottle range you will see today, looking at some of the reasons why you would choose FOSH we start by the sheer looks, they have a style that everyone will find a favourite, secondly they keep the water chilled, something you cannot say about a plastic bottle, thirdly they save you real money every time you fill up - whats not to love about FOSH water bottles?


So lets start by stopping using single use plastic water bottles, visit the website on  to see their range, find one you love and wear it out and about as your ‘eco badge’!

The world is in a very unstable place currently, it is nice to see something we can all do to start making a change for good.


Visit FOSH on or follow us on Twitter or Facebook on @foshbottle

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