Coronavirus face masks ‘could have a devastating effect on the environment


Environmental group OceansAsia surveyed Soko’s Islands near Hong Kong and found evidence of single use masks finding their way into the Ocean.


We have spoken about single use masks before but our fears are fast becoming facts, these items are essential in todays world BUT, and its a big but, we need to all be careful simply not to throw them away and properly dispose of them or we will be creating yet more problems for our ever under pressure Oceans.

Recent surveys of the Soko Islands near Hong Kong saw 70 discarded masks wishing 100 metres of the beach, on their return a further 30 were found one week later.


These masks are real killers, if a sea mammal was to digest it the possible result would be death, they simply are not capable of handling such items. Worse still as they float in the Oceans they must look somewhat like food for the sea life?


Estimates suggest that more than 100,000 marine mammals and turtles and over a million sea birds are killed by marine plastic annually


We urge you to use reusable masks wherever possible, if you need to use the ‘throw away’ variety please dispose of them responsibly, we can see what Coronavirus can do to our world, imagine life if the Oceans with a disease of plastic steadily getting worse with no-one out there seemin

Gly able to stop it?


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