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11 Nov 2020 14:00:00

Do we need to use doggy poo bags EVERY time?

  Being good AND green is not always easy!       As a nation we love dogs, for me they are simply a must in my life, a companion, friend, someone who unquestionably loves you and is there at a single call but, they create a lot of poo!    Are plastic single use bags, normally scented with the worst possible fragrance, the right answer?   They are I feel accepted in society, use a single use water bottle and I am likely to rant at

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22 Oct 2020 13:00:00

Covid 19 creates a surge for plastic - and mostly it is the single use type!

All around the world there is a need to stay healthy, particularly with protective equipment that include face masks, visors, gloves, plastic food coverings and so much more, the industry is in boom times.   We know the importance of the safety of our people, the issue here is one of necessity however we are simply not recycling anywhere near enough plastic to make this impossible surge be anything else than catastrophic for our environment.    The Truth about

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5 Aug 2020 14:00:00

Coronavirus face masks ‘could have a devastating effect on the environment

  Environmental group OceansAsia surveyed Soko’s Islands near Hong Kong and found evidence of single use masks finding their way into the Ocean.   We have spoken about single use masks before but our fears are fast becoming facts, these items are essential in todays world BUT, and its a big but, we need to all be careful simply not to throw them away and properly dispose of them or we will be creating yet more problems for our ever under pressure Oceans. Recent

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24 Jul 2020 15:00:00

‘COVID 19’ Waste rings alarm bells but it is not too late

Dozens of gloves, masks and bottles of hand sanitiser has been found washed up on the shores of the Mediterranean, these were found mixed up with more typical, if not equally as bad to be fair, selection of reusable bottles and cups of various types.    Although not yet in massive quantities it is still very early for these to appear, we can see a trend and it is one we should be aware of as soon as possible.   Put this into context and the numbers are

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